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Xport began in January 2014, with only Marko Luoma and Mark Wiltshear in the office. The first year was spent introducing our concept - that we are more than consultants. We are experienced professionals providing local companies with a vital resource - time, know-how and ability to carry out the work required when internationalizing.

Xport’s team doubled in size when Marja Sulkakoski and Lien Niemitalo joined the team in 2015. With decades of combined, international business experience, Xport has the flexibility to work with different sized companies and has successfully completed projects of varying complexity. These projects have included preliminary Market Research and targeted Partner Search, organising for customers to attend overseas trade shows, managing their ongoing relationships and sales as an export manager.


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Xport promotes a strong learning environment by working with interns, both Finnish and international, from the local University of Applied Sciences. We are also raising the profile of the international skills and experience residing in Pohjanmaa: an underused, undervalued resource. The Xport Associates group connects local companies with local resources which, otherwise, might not find each.

In 2014, with regards to export sales, the Etelä-Pohjanmaa region is in the bottom three of 19 regions in Finland, contributing only 1,1%. Out of nearly 14,000 companies in the region, approx. 400 are exporting. Our aim is to help raise Etelä-Pohjanmaa into the top 10 of exporting regions by 2020. By increasing the region’s exports to 3% of Finland’s total, it would be approx. 2 bil€ market.

Exporting can seem like a daunting proposition, but Xport's range of services can take you through that process in small, manageable steps. You can take the steps at your own speed and you do not need to make those steps alone. Xport is at your side, step-by-step.

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