Why should you consider contacting your existing customers? By asking existing users about your products, you are able to gain insight on the not only the user’s experience with the product or service, but also development ideas, suggestions and possible feedback on other aspects related to the product or service, such as customer service, after­sales, delivery times, etc.

This feedback may prove to be invaluable as you push forward on future product development or company expansion. You can also begin to understand the user­experience of your company, product and after­sales service along the whole supply­chain, from distributor to retailer through to the actual user.

In our experience, customers are pleased to be asked and, if you act on their suggestions, it can be great PR – it shows you really care about your customers!


What does Xport do for you?

Similar to the Partner Search, Xport will work through your list of existing customers. You tell us what you want to know and we will call the customers to discuss their experiences, feedback, and criticism. We’ll also learn their ideas for features or new products.

We will present the report to your management team, where trends in the feedback become clear. We also produce a detailed report of all responses, so you can analyse and refer back to it in future.