Customer & Staff Satisfaction Improvement with Quick & Easy Feedback




HappyOrNot provides service for monitoring customer satisfaction, telling you when and where you have a problem, giving you insights to make business decisions that will improve customer satisfaction and, ultimately, sales. Xport is working in partnership with HappyorNot to bring this service to the UK market.

Implemented as a management tool, customer satisfaction results are delivered from each unit providing online reporting for trend analysis. This is useful when considering it is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep a current customer. The green and red smileys collect instinctive customer feedback and offer a higher response rate than using traditional methods.



What are the elements to to improve customer and employee satisfaction?

Ask a question. 

See how it performs. 

Follow the reports and make changes to improve. 


The HappyOrNot Smiley Terminal™ helps you listen to your customers and employees in all environments, across the entire experience. 


Capture your feedback instantly!


Measure satisfaction in every earea of your business and identify those "pain points" that are decreasing your service performance level. 





Intelligent Reporting Service

Hour-by-hour customer feedback

Customer Satisfaction at point-of-experience

Completely wireless

Email and Internet-based reporting

Data and trend analysis on the reporting website



HappyOrNot in Employee Engagement


Companies which understand the importance and impact of employee satisfaction on productivity and employe engagement gain a competitive advantage, an improved employer image and create an inspirting work environment.


Eliminate your pain points

Participation and collection of honest feedback

Continuous feedback index from employees

Annual surveys require a significant amount of resources and time

Lack of transparancy and internal communication



Real Time Alerts

Get instant awareness of service performance decline and avoid escalation! 

Receive an automated email notification when negative feedback responses in a specific location exceed a preset value. This will improve your reaction time and give additional control for management and those responsible for service quality. 


HappyOrNot-Real Time Alert



Adjustable alert value
Set according to your company's footfall and satisfaction standards

Alert notice timeframe
As often as 15 minutes, and up to 240 minutes

Terminal- /location-based
An alert is assigned to one in-location Smiley Terminal

Automated Email
Sent immediately following the set timeframe when the alert value is exceeded 

Alerts log
A list of triggered alerts




Do you know if your customer or employees are HappyOrNot?


“Customer satisfaction increased 15%”
Roope Tähkä, Vianor, division of Nokian Tyres

“Increased customer satisfaction - increased conversion rate”
Magnus Feldt, Elkjøp, a division of Dixons Carphone



“Cost effective Employment opinion tool - allows for fast reaction”
Mel Pearce, DHL Supply Chain


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