Lack of necessary language skills

‘International broken English’ might be the most spoken language in the world, but there are often times it just doesn’t work when conducting business. Using languages accurately on your website and literature helps position your company as a professional, international organisation. Xport has connected with a group with international backgrounds to develop our own network based in Pohjanmaa. 


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Xport Associates

The Xport Associates are from 22 different countries across the Americas, Asia, Europe and Australia. The Associates group offers a total of 30 languages. 

Working together, we can offer a wide range of language skills, cultural understanding, existing networks and contacts. All of these business skills provide a local resource to assist Finnish companies when entering international markets.


For example, the Xport team can help you in the following situations:


You don't know whom to contact first in potential markets?

Our Associates’ language skills will make it easier to conduct a detailed Partner Search, and they may also have existing networks that could be used to your benefit.



Your marketing doesn’t reach an international audience?

The Xport team has already helped companies by proofreading website content and marketing materials. In partnership with BSTR Advertising Agency, we can offer online marketing activities in your target language e.g. Google campaign, SEO ­ search terms / keywords, Adwords, Display & Re­marketing and a facebook Ad campaign.

If you have videos on your site explaining your products or services, or you are an advertising agency that produces these videos, Xport can offer native­ English voiceovers for your clients.


You lack confidence when negotiating with people from different cultures?

Misunderstandings in business can be minimized by having knowledge about other cultures. Attending meetings with a native of that country on your team should give you confidence and minimize the opportunity for mistakes. We could also help you to draft e­mails during purchasing / selling negotiations, mediate on international phone calls and any other non­Finnish communications.





Matti Vainionpää, Managing Director, Eepee Agri

"I meet with Mark every week for for English Conversation. My job has become more international, so we talk about business and also general, everyday subjects. I now have more confidence to talk English in work situations, both business discussions and small-talk."

Tiina Mäkelä, Director of Retail Banking, OP Etelä-Pohjanmaa

"Before I started regular English Conversation sessions with Mark, I felt I had very bad English skills. I now meet with Mark for 30 minutes weekly, and we discuss both work and day-to-day topics. It's important to me to be able to practice every week. It has increased my confidence in both speaking and reading English."

Olli Tarkkanen, Managing Director, OP Etelä-Pohjanmaa

"I have really enjoyed my English Conversation sessions with Mark. It makes a big difference to speak with a native English-speaker and hear how he uses English. It also helps that, as an Entrepreneur, he has an interest in business and can ask questions to make me think in English about my business."