Market research sounds like a large, labour intensive activity, but it doesn’t need to be. Xport has carried out different types of research, based on our customers needs. It can be as specific or as detailed as you need it to be, for example:


  • General research on several different markets
  • More detailed research, focused on one market:
    • To assess options and find the market with most potential for your products/services
    • Once you’ve selected a target market
    • Choose the best route ­to­ market: direct to consumer, to a retail buyer, via sales agent, distributor or wholesaler
    • Understand where you would be positioned in the market re: functionality, price, after­sales service
    • All of this competitive information will help when planning your market entry and when negotiating


Each market research project has different aims, so we only spend time getting the information that the customer needs. We don’t spend our time (or your money) collecting data that is unnecessary for your requirements.




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Veikko Rintamäki - Trailander Oy
Chairman of the board, entrepreneur

”Xport carried-out a large market research from 22 different countries and they also carried out a customer satisfaction survey for our customers. The market research gave us a valuable insight of the markets we should concentrate our resources initially, and the answers we received from the customer satisfaction survey will support our product development project and our plans for the future very well.”

Dan Steinnes - VRT Finland Oy
Commercial Manager

”Xport has helped us​ ​​to ​penetrate new​ ​​territories by finding information about the​ ​markets and potential​ ​​overseas partners. They​ ​​provided additional resources wh​ile we​ ​​were growing rapidly​, allow​ing us to concentrate on sales meetings with potential customers.”

Anna Koskimäki - Huttaroo Oy

“The Market Research found contacts in many of our target organisations in the UK. The Partner Search work then made firm connections and gained useful insights into the buying process. Xport found the right information that really helped us.”