When the target market has been selected, it’s possible that you will need a local partner to take your products to market. Finding a good local partner takes time and effort and possibly language skills that you don’t have in your company, which is where the Xport Associates could be invaluable.

These are the steps that Xport takes when doing an overseas Partner Search:

  1. Firstly we collate a list of potential partners. Obtaining a membership list from a trade group or industry organisation can significantly shorten this process, otherwise we can research and create a target partner list.
  2. Xport will then spend time on the phone working through the list. We introduce your company and products, explain the sort of relationship that you’re looking for and sell the benefits of working with you.
  3. When a target indicates that they are interested in learning more details, perhaps to talk about commercial terms or logistics, we consider this to be a ‘qualified lead’.
  4. At this point, Xport would hand­over to the Sales Manager to agree terms and close the deal. We do not introduce anyone until they tell us they are interested, a partner search is only useful we give you a strong list of interested candidates.


If you prefer, Xport can continue to work for you as the initial contact with your overseas customers (see Sales Manager service.)



FirstView case study


This case study is a specific example of a Partner Search that Xport has undertaken. It includes some useful numbers regarding hours required to generate a certain number of qualified leads. Click on the image to download, no sign­up required.

FV case study.pdf



Henri Kuivala – Director of International Business

"We wanted to expand our operations in the UK and we chose to partner with Xport. We agreed that Xport would provide us with a certain number of potential resellers and that FirstView will continue the negotiations. All of the selected reseller candidates were a very high quality and we have made progress negotiating with each candidate we met with.”