Quum Analysis is a unique business assessment, that gives you a thorough understanding of what stage your company is at re: international business. It was developed by Quum International, a research spin-off from Oulu Business School, and combines academic research and international business experience in an analysis that can be used for any type of company, regardless of industry, size, location or age:

  • Early stages, preparing to enter. E.g. you are now researching overseas markets and customers.
  • Experimenting with international markets. E.g. you already have some export sales, which are shipped from your home territory.
  • Planned international business E.g. you have overseas sales units or personnel generating forecasted revenue
  • Systematic international business development E.g. you have licensed or contracted manufacturing relationships overseas
  • An integrated, multinational enterprise E.g. you now have your own overseas production facility.

 Illustrating resources: Quum Analysis

The Quum Analysis is based on an easy-to-answer questionnaire with yes/no answers, which should be completed by three or more of your management team. The report will show what your team agrees are the current strengths and weaknesses of your export operations, understanding these gives you a solid foundation on which to build for the future. The report will also reveal the areas which your management team disagree on. These need to be discussed and worked on. 


The Quum Analysis questions cover four areas of your business:

  • Market Research: How well does your company use market information in making business decisions?
  • Focus on customers: How can your sales processes be optimized to support internationalization
  • Managing the strategy: Does your strategy and business model support your plans for growth and inernationalization?
  • Resources for strategy: Do you have enough resources to achieve international growth?


A future strategy can only be implemented successfully if the key personnel of the company agree on the goals and how to achieve them. The Quum Analysis generates an easy-to-understand visual report, with any development issues and different opinions listed as a work plan. Xport will present the data to your management team, who will agree what actions to take.

Xport can then work for you, completing the tasks on your action plan, so you can evolve as an international business.


Pictures of the analysis below (click to enlarge):

Yes / no questions

Kyllä / ei kysymykset

Strengths and weaknesses

Vahvuudet ja heikkoudet

Final report










 Anssi Uitto - CEO, Jakamo

 "The Quum Analysis gave us an excellent understanding of our abilities to launch, and grow, our international business. We did the analysis as a part of our Tekes internationalization project and, as a result, we have a clear idea of what actions we need to take next"

Tom Schauman - Business Director, Chemigate

 "With the help of Quum Analysis, we were able to find out our internal preconceptions and delusions regarding a specific internationalization process. We were able negotiate through the issues and reach a mutual agreement for the future and, through this process, clarify our own strategy."

Jan Backman - Managing Director, Fluid-Bag Ltd

“During the Quum Analysis workshop discussions our management team identified that inter-team communication was an issue. This led us to review and streamline our internal communications. Thanks to Quum Analysis, we solved a problem we didn’t realise we had.”