A sales pitch is not just for companies looking for new investors. Any situation in which you are talking about your company, product or service is a pitch.

If you are exhibiting at a trade show or consumer exhibition, you only have limited time with each potential customer. Therefore, you want to be sure you communicate all of the essential information during the first conversation.

In Finland, any company can sell its product or service, and most Finnish sales professionals can speak English. But very few actually combine these two things before attending an international trade show.

Xport’s Sales Pitch Workshop will:

  • help you identify the most important aspects of your company, product or service
  • produce a 1-2 minute script that your team are happy to present
  • involve the team in practising delivering the pitch

Attending a trade show abroad requires time and money. Preparing properly in advance will benefit your company in many ways. If your team knows what to say, they will be more comfortable speaking to potential customers, and this will increase their confidence. Increased confidence means they will speak to more people, which will create more sales opportunities.


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Stein Ulve, CEO, Eevia Health Oy

"I was unsure whether a whole day was necessary for this training, but I was wrong. I was impressed with the quality of the training, how we structured our delivery and the effect of repeatedly practising our presentations. This training really helped us ahead of an important event, ensuring we performed when it mattered."

Timo Hoisko, Owner, Ko-Ho Industrial Design

"Practising our English sales pitch gave us more confidence at the show. We will do this in future when speaking Finnish at shows in Finland – every company should do this!" 

Tarja Keen, Managing Director, FinNero Oy

“After one week of English Conversation and Sales Pitch training, my colleague’s spoken English was amazing. I never knew she had it in her! It made my job so much easier when we were at the trade show.”