English Conversation

Do you lack confidence when speaking English?


Xport’s English conversation service - with our native English speaker Mark Wiltshear - will give you more confidence and help you speak better English in business situations and everyday use. In the video below, Mark explains what you can expect from his English conversation sessions. Interested? To get more information, leave your details below or alternatively call Mark directly. Be brave, and arrange your free-of-charge first meeting.

Mark Wiltshear
044 5959 009

What Mark's customers say:

Matti Vainionpää, Managing Director, Eepee Agri

"I meet with Mark every week for for English Conversation. My job has become more international, so we talk about business and also general, everyday subjects. I now have more confidence to talk English in work situations, both business discussions and small-talk."


Tiina Mäkelä, Director of Retail Banking, OP Etelä-Pohjanmaa

"Before I started regular English Conversation sessions with Mark, I felt I had very bad English skills. I now meet with Mark for 30 minutes weekly, and we discuss both work and day-to-day topics. It's important to me to be able to practice every week. It has increased my confidence in both speaking and reading English."


Olli Tarkkanen, Managing Director, OP Etelä-Pohjanmaa

"I have really enjoyed my English Conversation sessions with Mark. It makes a big difference to speak with a native English-speaker and hear how he uses English. It also helps that, as an Entrepreneur, he has an interest in business and can ask questions to make me think in English about my business."

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